On The Matter of Maps

First rule of fantasy writing – always start with a map.

Now, I admit that may seem a bit of an odd concept given the nature of the book I’ve written and the fact that the landscape of my world is, by its very nature, of no fixed abode.But the fact of the matter is, that rule still has to apply for one simple reason – I wouldn’t have a clue where my characters were or needed to go without one. And if I’m confused – what chance does any reader stand?
The above began life as a pencil scribble on a handy piece of A4 paper, created quite messily and on the hop as the story developed. The fact it looks so shiny today is entirely due to the efforts of my good friend Kerry, who kindly applied her skills in Paint to said scribble and made it look thus.
I love a good map. I grew up around them, did a degree that heavily involved them and I take an absurd amount of pleasure inventing my own. I openly admit I’d be rubbish at creating a real one ala the good old Ordnance Survey – I did my time …

It's... Here!

The Disposable by Katherine Vick, now available to purchase in paperback and e-book form from all good Amazon websites. :)

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The Narrative Must Be Obeyed Everyone in the Taskmaster’s Realm knows how the story goes: the boy of destiny goes on a quest, defeats the dark lord, and gets the swooning princess. It’s a great story, if you happen to be a knight or a wizard or a hero. But it’s pretty odious if you’re Ordinary: a barmaid who has to inflate her bosom and have her backside pinched, a homely prince who can’t buckle his swash because his face doesn’t fit, or a soldier who gets killed over and over and over again just to progress the plot. Fodder of Humble Village is one of those soldiers, and, frankly, he’s sick and tired of getting speared, decapitated, and disembowelled twice a day so the good guys can lo…

An Interview with Fodder

In honour of publication day - a little insight into my main character. Though do forgive him, he's not very verbose... ;p

1. What was your life like growing up in Humble Village?
Well... it was Ordinary. I did my bit as an Urchin, scampered about In Narrative when it needed me, messed about with my mates like Flirt and Shoulders when it didn’t. And then I joined the Disposables. It was what it was. Nothing bad but nothing special – just as it was supposed to be.
2. Tell us about the event that started the rebellion, from your point of view.
That’s a tricky one, really. It was hard to define, I’d just... had enough. I don’t even know where that feeling came from, it just kind of crept up on me. I was angry at life in a way I’d never really been before. And then suddenly I was free and doing things I shouldn’t have been able to. Something just...changed.
3. If you had the choice, what kind of character would you want to play?
Ah, you see, that’s just it. I’m not bothered about playing a…

The Cover... Made Shinier...

Credit: Nada Orlic

A Preview - The Opening

If anyone fancies a hint of what is to come - the opening part of The Disposable can be found below. I hope you like it and apologies if the formatting has done anything weird. ;p The Disposable by Katherine Vick Part OneNo, hang on, that’s already done with. Part TwoNope, that one’s over too.
Ah, here we are.… Part ThreeA piece of paper. That’s what it was, when all was said and done. A simple, straight­forward piece of paper, the words upon it written in the familiar, authoritative, unnaturally regular lettering that signified instructions from the Taskmaster. It spelled out a sequence of events that had to be ruthlessly prepared for by every living thing in the Realm, and it was to be obeyed without thought and without question. That was merely the way it was, and to disobey would be unthinkable. Wouldn’t it? Because there were days, sometimes, when he couldn’t help but wonder if the world would really come to an end if he just chucked the paper away and went back to bed. Probably not.…

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The Cover...


Author Interview with Thinklings Books

Every time we release a book, we’ll post an interview with its author during the month before the book is published. Our next book comes out on April 1st, appropriately, because it's a comedy! The Disposable is a hilarious parody of epic quest novels, and we are interviewing Katherine Vick, our first UK author!

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

I reckon pretty much since I knew it was a thing you were allowed to do. From my toddler years, my mum testifies that I was making up stories and games for my toys every waking hour. I started to write them down as soon as I could write and haven’t ever stopped since. I was—and still am—always happiest when playing about with my imagination and bringing it to life. And when it dawned on me that there were people out there whose job it was to write my reading material—that was it really. I knew what I wanted to do.

Where did you get the ins…