The Joy of Spectre

  The Joy of Spectre Just to offer up fair warning, this blog discusses a scene that appears in my third novel, The Narrative , so if you haven’t read it (and if not, why not? Hmmmm?), spoilers lie ahead. Have you ever had more fun making something than you feel should strictly speaking be allowed? For me, that was the creation of Bob the Mysterious Spectre. There are very few things in my life that I have enjoyed writing so much. In many ways, Bob’s moment of glory was the very essence of what I was trying to do with Fodder’s adventures – an affectionate pastiche of a genre I love without pardoning it for its cliches and absurdities. The all-knowing ghost imparting deep and profound wisdom from beyond the grave is such a longstanding fantasy trope that I couldn’t not play with it – but how to make it work in the way I wanted it to? The answer was easy once the magic ring came into play – by having Fodder be the ghost and poke the requisite fun at the Merry Band for me. Becau

Very Short Story - Inevitable

Happy New Year everyone! Your reward for making it this far is a story I wrote years ago for the writing challenge prompt "change" - a demonstration of the First Rule in action. ;)  Inevitable Beyond the narrow gate, the Rachsis horde were screaming. They seemed to stretch out forever, a writhing, shivering mass of gnashing teeth and air-tearing claws, gibbering, leaping and falling over each other as they surged forward like an unstoppable, bestial tide towards the tiny hilltop bastion where the last dozen brave survivors of the Kingdom of Cryna were huddled. Pale faces peered down over the battlements, hair lank, faces dirtied and battered but yet strangely unbowed, knowing as they did that they were the last hope and that all the kingdom, all humanity depended upon their actions. And the King was ready. The great hero, heir to the lost throne, who had emerged from a tiny farm in the middle nowhere to face the Rachsis threat with muscles gleaming and eyes shining with

Deleted Babble from The Disposable

I'm doing something slightly different with this month's blog - offering up a smidgeon of deleted material from The Disposable. Don't get too excited, it's nothing epic or revelatory as I'm not one of life's deleters - generally if I remove something, it's to rewrite or replace it rather than to extract it altogether so the majority of my deleted material folder is simply alternative versions of existing scenes, not totally unseen bits of writing. There are one or two exceptions however, and one is part of Dullard's first appearance in The Disposable . Writing this scene was a joy and a delight as Dullard sprang into life for me and material spewed forth but as a result, the scene was just a bit overlong and I pulled out a couple of unnecessary paragraphs to tighten it up. The below is one of those sections, often a touch more background on Dullard's place in his family, and honestly, I don't think I've looked at it since the day I pulled it

Narrative November Has Landed! :)

  It's here!!! It's release day, Ladies and Gentleman - the quirks of Amazon permitting (obviously), The Narrative should now be available to buy in the US and the UK! UK: US:

In Honour of Narrative November - The Disposable eBook on Sale in US!

  For you lucky American bods - in honour of the imminent release of The Narrative, the eBook of The Disposable is now on sale on Amazon!

In Honour of Narrative November....

I present some pre-release tasters for you! For anyone who would like to hear Flirt and Shoulders's thoughts on their present situation, their character interview can be found here: Character Interview - Flirt and Shoulders For anyone interesting in reading about me wittering on about my upcoming release,  The Narrative , my author interview on this matter can be found here: Author Interview for The Narrative And a small piece of daftness produced by an actual fan of my book! Yes, they exist! :) Disposable Mambo And of course for those unwilling to wait politely until November 15th for the paperback, links are available to allow you modern bods to Pre-Order the ebook now on Amazon! Links to Facebook Pre-Order Post Amazon UK eBook Pre Order Amazon USA eBook Pre Order

A Little Taste of The Narrative

In honour of two weeks to go until the release on Amazon of my third Plot Bandits novel, The Narrative , I thought I would offer up a little taste of what is to come by presenting an extract from the book itself! I hope it whets the appetite a bit. :) ***** Shoulders had never heard a pair of horses scream before. He hadn’t been aware that they could. He could also have lived with­out finding that out. Somewhere nearby, he could hear Flirt yelling, his bouncing head catching glimpses of her flattened out and clinging with an alarming amount of desperation to the seat of the cart she had so abruptly set into motion. He could hear the angry and, thankfully, fading roars of the chasing Barbarians. He could hear the pound­ing of hooves, the screeching of cartwheels that were reaching the limits of their endurance, the clatter and rattle and tumble of the sacks and barrels loaded in the cart’s rear that vanished with an occasional dusty crash, presumably as they were flung into the road.

The Narrative - Coming 15th November 2022!

COMING one month today - The Plot Bandits Book Three (of Four) - THE NARRATIVE! Due for release on Amazon on 15th November 2022! O r those unwilling to wait politely for the paperback to become available - THE NARRATIVE Kindle eBook version is now available for Pre-Order. :) USA: UK:

Three Books That Changed My Life

  Three Books That Changed My Life I’ve seen a great deal of posts and memes asking about what books have changed people’s lives and the way a person reads. Every individual will, of course, answer that question differently and choosing just a few is so incredibly hard as, like it or hate it, everything we read affects us somehow. But I was challenged by a friend a while ago to come up with some and so, here they are: ;p Dragons, Giants and Witches (Usborne Story Books) If there was an author, I don’t know it, I’m afraid it doesn’t say, but I know it was an Usborne book because so many of my childhood books were. My mother ran Usborne book parties and bought for me from her stock and I’m so glad she did as they were wonderful things. Books of stories, of mythology, of history, of science, of knowledge – I picked up so many of my basic interests in life from those quirkily illustrated pages. But the story book Dragons, Giants and Witches (alongside, Princes, Wizards and Gnomes )

Ask The Author – September 2022

 It’s Ask the Author time again! This month’s questions both come from Sarah Awa , that you for asking! I shall now attempt some answering, though can’t guarantee they’ll be much help! If you were a character in your books, what type of character do you think you would be, or want to be? I’m 99.9% sure I would be nothing more exciting that Background Villager Number 3! ;) In terms of looks, I am so fundamentally Ordinary looking I would certainly never make it to any of the more glamourous levels! In terms of want to be – I feel like swashbuckling adventure ought to appeal and probably would have done more in my younger days but in reality, knowing myself as I do, I’d probably find the performance anxiety of that kind of forefront role much too stressful! I suspect I’d be best suited to some minor position, rather like Dullard, so I could be left mostly to my own devices! I am good at organising things but less good at pushing people around so I’d probably make a decent Priest – lo