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For any and all who might be interested, further RedBubble merchandise is now available themed around Pleasance and Flirt. Check it out below: And all options can now be explored here:

What Do They Teach Them In These Schools – History is People

 You know, I never used to pay that much attention to history. It seems odd to say it now sitting in my house crammed with history books and my medieval re-enactment kit piled up in crates just to my left. And the odd thing was – it wasn’t that I wasn’t interested. The problem, much as I hate to say it as an undisputed Hermione Grangeresque swot, was school. I’m not sure exactly how things stand in school these days, but I know that back in ancient times when I was being educated, the problem with history was that no one was interested in teaching you the interesting bits.   We rushed through Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome in primary school, cantered through the Dark Ages to the English Civil War before I even hit my teens and then, just as I was of an age to start appreciating history, what did we stick on? The Industrial Revolution. Oh God. We stayed there. For years, all through high school. We never even made it to the World Wars. And I can say hand on heart that there is no

The Disposable Merchandise!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm sure you will be thrilled and gloriously excited to learn that there is now merchandise available for The Disposable ! Fancy a The Disposable t-shirt, mug or coaster? A notebook perhaps, a sticker or a phone case? That and many more things are available now on Redbubble!

The Name Game - The Sequel

  The Name Game – The Sequel In honour of the release of The Merry Band , my sequel to The Disposable , I have been seized by the urge to write a sequel to my previous blog, where I discussed my naming strategies. And my premise is simply this – if you had to name yourself in the manner of my Realm, what name would you give yourself? Because on thinking about it for myself, it’s really not as simple as it sounds. Would you want to chose your own name or have it chosen for you? Would you want a name that genuinely reveals an aspect of your personality or would you prefer to keep your true self and any accompanying expectations privately behind a less accurate or less specific one? And what part of yourself would you chose to advertise if you did choose an accurate name – positive or negative, self-promotion or warning? A Realm name is like a badge. It tells a bit of your story to whoever hears it. But much like The Narrative, it depends on what side of the story you want to tell.

The Merry Band is Here!

Announcing the arrival of the sequel to my debut fantasy satire novel The Disposable – The Merry Band ! The Taskmaster Strikes Back! Fodder successfully rebelled against The Narrative once, but now everything’s going completely and horribly wrong. It soon becomes apparent that his own companions are even more unstable than he realized, between Flirt’s suicidal rashness, Shoulders’ increasing desperation to keep his head attached to his body, Princess Pleasance’s unwillingness to speak, and Prince Dullard’s inability to shut up. Unfortunately, Fodder has bigger problems, because the Taskmaster is finally getting serious. That means it’s not just the Heroes hunting Fodder anymore; there’s an entire pantheon of gods after him. It’s too late to turn back, and Fodder wouldn’t even if he could. He’s determined to unveil the secret of the Quickening, even if it means saving the world while he's at it. UK: US:

Author Interview - The Merry Band

 Author Interview - The Merry Band For those who are curious, here is an interview I did with my publishers Thinklings about my upcoming The Disposable sequel. The Merry Band ! I hope you enjoy it. :)

The Name Game

  The Name Game I have a confession. I love names. I’m an avid collector of them. For example, there are some wonderful historical names my mother has uncovered in the course of her family history research – the winners so far being Valentine Pratt, Strange Peacock and brothers Wildsmith and Griffin Badger (the latter two being indeed a part of my genetic make-up!). As a child (sad as this makes me sound), I used to pause the credits of films on video and list any interesting names I found there. I have a number of name books, both conventional and slightly more unusual – my books of Cornish and Celtic names are an especially good source of fantasy names. And any time I come across a good name in normal life, I have a little notebook on hand to write it down. Strange to confess, I don’t do this purely to collect names for my writing. I do it because I like names. But, of course, it does come in handy in that regard. I’ve seen a number of discussions hither and thither on the inte

Very Short Story - The Heart In Glass

 I wrote this short story for a challenge long ago as a little poke at the fantasy/scifi idea of the sole hope for salvation and why it might not be a bad idea to have a backup...;) The Heart In Glass In ancient times, in ancient lands, there was a man. Admittedly, this was not unusual. But this man was faced with a terrible evil and he knew that what must be done could be done only with cold steel in the place of his heart. And so it was, he called upon the ancient light of power to pull all the love out of his soul and, sealing it with a glass container, he buried it high in the mountains, deep in the snow of year long winter, to be hidden from weak temptation by the roll of oncoming storms. But he feared, and he was right to fear, that with cold steel in place of his heart he would forget himself and so before he acted, he wrote what he had done and concealed that too within a beacon that would manifest should he fail to return for the love in his heart within ten thousand day

The Merry Band Video Sneak Peek

I'm a little short on original material today so I hope you'll forgive me if I simply take this opportunity to share a sneak peek of what is to come in my upcoming sequel to The Disposable. The Merry Band, coming to you on 2nd August 2021! :)

Very Short Story - What's in a Name?

 I wrote this quickly off the top of my head a few weeks ago off the back of a conversation expressing the idea that certain names create certain… expectations in a character and can sometimes be used by an author as a shortcut to do some character developmental heavy lifting. The female name especially highlighted in this matter is the one I have used below. ;) What’s in a Name? “Freeze, demon spawn!” “Why, hello dear. Whatever is the matter?” “Oh, give it up, your sweet little old lady act is fooling no-one! We know it was you that released the hell hound into the football stadium!” “Hell hound? Oh no, dear, I’m much more of a cat person. See here, on the tea cosy? And my cushion covers? And the little knick-knacks on the mantlepiece, now that one on the left is my favourite, isn’t his face the sweetest thing?” “I don’t care about your… oh, it is quite sweet, look at that little smile, bless , what a…hey! Stop trying to distract me with cats!” “You seem very angry, dea